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Exterior Doors

Masonite Steel Doors

Rugby is proud to stock Masonite High Definition 24G Steel Doors, offering the strength of steel with classic door configurations. Masonite high definition panel styles create outstanding shadow lines and distinct designs. Choose from a variety of beautiful decorative glass inserts from Specialty. Each door comes with a smooth, ready-to-paint finish, and offers a 5-year warranty.

Masonite’s High-Definition Steel Edge Door Collection offers high definition panels with interlocking steel-edges to ensure stability and resist warping. The square edge design is reminiscent of stile & rail wood doors, and hinges are flush mounted into steel reinforcements to prevent sagging at the hinge. When you combine style, value, and a 15-year warranty, it makes sense to come home to Masonite.

Fast-Frame is Masonite’s adjustable steel frame jamb system. This system is designed for residential and light commercial applications and has enhanced fire-resistance properties over standard wood frames as well as several other structural benefits. This flexible system can be used in either steel or wood frame construction and features a full 1” of adjustability to accommodate a wide variation in wall construction.

Masonite Fiberglass Doors

The Belleville® Smooth Fiberglass Entry Door Collection from Masonite combines superior beauty and architectural design with maximum flexibility. Belleville’s high-definition panel profile reflects the beauty and design of a true stile & rail door. All smooth fiberglass doors are offered with a paintable, incredibly smooth surface, and a wide variety of glass and panel designs.

Painted or stained, Oakcraft® Fiberglass doors have an exceptional texture that replicates the appearance of natural wood doors. Oakcraft® doors give a welcoming and warm invitation to guests, while providing years of low-maintenance satisfaction. Oakcraft® also features square, wood-edge construction for the look and machinability of a real wood door. This combination of innovative design, attractive appearance, low maintenance, and energy efficiency makes Oakcraft® Doors the natural, affordable choice.

The Belleville® textured Fiberglass Entry Door Collection from Masonite combines superior beauty and architectural design with maximum flexibility. It reflects the beauty and design of a true stile & rail door. All textured fiberglass doors offer exceptional wood-grain texture and a wide variety of glass and panel designs. Belleville Fiberglass Doors create grand entrances.

The Barrington® Fiberglass Door Collection from Masonite defines a new level of luxury in fiberglass entry systems. Barrington® Fiberglass doors have authentic looking oak or mahogany wood texture that finishes beautifully. These doors are available with a variety of panel designs & include three distinct proprietary glass options, and a selection of craftsman doors.

Stile & Rail Exterior Doors

Buffelen and Rugby have teamed up to offer you the uncompromised craftsmanship required to build quality doors that last for generations. All Buffelen doors are hand assembled, sanded and finished to ensure that every door leaving their plant fully represents the standard of quality you deserve. Your door options are endless with Buffelen whether you draw a door on a napkin or a computer; they have the tooling to precisely and repeatedly create components that fit right the first time.

Legacy Series incorporated beveled and textured glasses with zinc caming in classic designs that provide privacy while allowing light to shine through. Heritage Entry Doors go back to Buffelen roots, nearly 100 years of experience. State-of-the-art technology, precision engineering and freedom of choice in design, species and specs is an unbeatable combination. Craftsman & Mission Entry Door gives you clean classic line that fit any period home and never goes out of style. The Marquesas provides details like beading and subtle arches characteristic of the colonial styles seen in French Polynesia and combines perfectly with today’s updated Craftsman look. Traditional Entry doors; where your options are endless. As long as your choice is Buffelen, you can’t go wrong. Wood Thermal Doors are natural insulators as well as natural beauties. The thermal glazed doors manufactured with optional low-E coating are designed to allow for high solar gain, moderate solar gain or low solar gain without affecting visibility. Or consider double pane insulated or non-insulated safety glass in solar gray or solar bronze tints or Low-E coating. The r-values can reduce your heating and cooling bills, as well as adding dollar value because you’re creating an energy smart home.

No matter the species or the style, you can rest assured that every Buffelen door created today carries with it the legacy of quality and craftsmanship with every door.