Product Information
and Specs

About Querkus

Querkus is a collection of fine oak wood veneered panels, brought together to simplify the choice of oak veneer and making it possible for everyone to enjoy this beautiful type of wood. As a European manufacturer, Decospan uses only European oak for this collection, which has already conquered many hearts of designers worldwide with its typical color and structure. The unique production processes capture and enhance the beauty, color, markings and structure of solid wood, and combine these with the many advantages of a veneered panel.

Querkus is…

Intelligent: With Querkus we have succeeded in capturing the capriciousness of nature in an accessible and easy-to-process product. This way you don’t have to worry about product specifications, but you can concentrate completely on the look and feel that will make your project unique.

Authentic: Querkus stands for an honest and authentic product. That is why we not only process new oak trees, but also give old oak beams a second life. Veneer from the latter category looks even more robust and robust. Recycling and upcycling at their best.

Sustainable: With Querkus we want to reduce our impact on the environment. By making a product with a long life cycle, by working exclusively with oak from sustainably managed forests and by environmentally friendly production processes. All this is guaranteed by our Pure Wood Charter.

European: Oak is highly regarded in the furniture industry and interior design. Due to its durability and excellent processability, oak has been used in our regions for centuries. Our buyers are therefore constantly looking for the best tribes of European origin.

Surface Texture Options

Querkus panels can have an additional surface treatment, to emphasize the structure and 3D-effects of wood. When brushed, the soft fibers are removed, leaving only the hardwood and enlarging the wood’s texture. Thick Querkus veneers can even be brushed so deep that it equals the sandblasting technique. In addition, band saw marks can also be applied to the surface in various motifs. This gives the piece of furniture the character of solid wood. Finally, it is also possible to age the surface with random hammer impacts, so that the piece of furniture immediately shows signs of use and thus gets more identity.

About Querkus Collection

Querkus offers three distinct looks of which each gives a certain appearance to an interior project.

Natural – the original European oak, available in three jointing methods generating unmistakable different ambiances.

Vintage – oak veneer with a history, some from real old beams and other inexpensive alternatives of fresh wood that has been processed with a traditional retro touch.

Smoked – smoked wood that has a quintessential brown color due to the natural reaction of the tannin.

Product Information

“Querkus” is synonymous with a unique and superior quality product. O should therefore only trust panels on which you can see the Decospan stamp on the side. The stamp also gives a production date so that each panel can be clearly traced.

Panels: Querkus is mainly supplied as veneered panel, with an unfinished surface. Mainly MDF boards are used because of their versatility. The common core sizes are 3050x1220x18mm or 2440x1220x18mm. Alternative options are available on request.

The boards are balanced to obtain a stable product. Choices here depend per look, but are roughly A/A – A/B+ or A/B.

Flex and sheet: Some Querkus products are also available as a single toplayer reinforced with a fleece on the back. This gives the millworker endless options for further processing such as manufacturing tailor made doors.

Edgebanding: matching edge bandings have been developed for each look. This means that Querkus can provide a total solution and each project can be finished into detail.