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About Tafisa

Tafisa®’s TFL decorative panels are available in more than 122 standard colour and texture combinations between the embossed and in-register (EIR) Sommet Series® and the renowned Prelude Series®. With the innovative vision that has been Tafisa®’s hallmark, we are now the first manufacturer in North America to produce synchronized textured EIR decorative panels that replicate the look and feel of Teak and Hickory. Named BRAVA™ and FERIA™, the Teak and Hickory textures were developed using Tafisa’s proprietary EIR technology, a synchronized embossing technology that produces 4’ x 8’ and 5’ x 9’ double sided decorative panels with the look and feel of real wood, after the outstanding success of the VIVA™ collection in the industry.

It comes with a complete, harmonized line of HPL to our TFL Prelude and Sommet embossed in-register (EIR) Series. Besides, the collection comes with the most comprehensive complementary products program of the industry.

TFL decorative panels are manufactured in one step. Top and bottom impregnated decorative layers are pressed and permanently thermofused to particleboard or MDF. Large steel press plates are used during this process to create the surface texture. The finished panels are ready for use.